Web UI vs Comfy UI: How Should AI Painting Beginners Choose?

Web UI vs Comfy UI: How Should AI Painting Beginners Choose?

For those interested in AI painting, you must have heard of Web UI and Comfy UI.

So what are the differences between these two?

How should we choose between them?

This article will answer your questions and clear up any confusion. Understanding Web UI and Comfy UI, this is all you need to know!

Similarities and Background

Web UI and Comfy UI are both essentially derived from Stable Diffusion, but in practice, they have each taken on their unique forms.

If we use a desktop computer as an analogy, Web UI is like an all-in-one machine with full functionality and ease of use, while Comfy UI is more akin to a computer that can be freely assembled according to personal needs.

Both are third-party tools developed to provide users with a more convenient image generation experience.

Notably, Comfy UI has already received official recognition, undoubtedly adding a bright spot to its promotion among the user community.

Web UI

Advantages of Web UI

Disadvantages of Web UI

Comfy UI

Advantages of Comfy UI

Disadvantages of Comfy UI


While Web UI is a good starting point, Comfy UI is undoubtedly a tool worth your in-depth learning and mastery.

Through continuous learning and practice, you will be able to fully leverage Comfy UI's advantages, achieving more efficient and precise image generation.